DS or DT AP Tiered Sugar Pansy JSK Set in Mint

Hello fellow lolitas ^_^
I am selling my AP Sugar Pansy, I received it of yahoo auctions literally 2 days ago, I really love the design but I am saving up for a harp right now  <3
It is in great used condition, I have not worn it and have not even taken head bow out of original packaging. I would prefer to sell as set unless I get buyers for both items.
It is a slightly wrinkled from trip sorry, have not had time to iron.
Price: 300 USD
Shipping: 7 dollars USA, international ask for quote


measurements hellolace: http://http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/jsk/item/349/
Trades: I am only interested in Scent of Rapunzel in green or red atm.

my feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1247110.html

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Hey if anybody finds themselves here... for whatever reason I don't post on livejournal. All my fashion,stuff,pics,ext are on my blog

Probably going to be my first post ever

I dont really believe in things like lj myspace facebook ext. Im really only using this for lolita-related things.Besides no one in "real life" even knows I have this. But I guess I should make at least one post, being that Ive been really sick this week and have nothing else better to do. Ive really been trying to write this novellete lately (like every other odd girl) but Ive been surprisingly serious about this one, ive outlined it completely and begun writing but something has been holding me back, its quite odd. I get extremely depressed when thinking about maybe that is because its a tragedy and I feel bad as an author that i am going to do all of these horrible things to the characters that dont really deserve it. Since Ive been sick Ive been trying to view it as an oppurtunity to write but I just cant get to do it. I am hoping that my heavy dosage of musinex dm, codeine, and xanax will  help me a bit.
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